We perform different types of translations - oral (consecutive) and written.

Among the oral interpretations we can include, among others, the following:
  • business talks (establishing business contacts, negotiating terms and conditions for co-operation and contracts, presenting price lists, negotiating prices, placing orders, participating in fairs, settling claims, etc.)
  • official talks (court trials, police investigations, settling formalities in embassies and consulates, etc.)
  • ceremonies (civil and church wedding ceremonies, etc.)

Written translations cover different fields, such as:

  • private correspondence (letters, cards, etc.)
  • literature (translations of newspaper articles, literary articles, books, etc.)
  • business correspondence (offers, orders, claims, etc.) and official correspondence (official letters, visa applications, etc.)
  • all kinds of documents (school certificates, diplomas, student's books of registration of courses, identity cards, passports, driving licences, birthday certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, property and ownership documents, all other types of certificates, for example bank certificates, certificates of employment, and others)
  • specialistic and highly-specialistic texts, including (but not confining to) the following domains:
    - law
    - medicine
    - technics
    - motorisation
    - tourism
    - IT
    - European Union